Case Recalled
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Case Recalled

It's been years since the death of Light, the original Kira. The investigation was burned along with all other information to do with the murders. However, the amusement is never over, as another death note plummets to the human world.
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 Page *p* done

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PostSubject: Page *p* done   Sun Oct 10, 2010 3:04 pm

Name: Kazumi Mie/ Paige Runner
Codename: Page 'P'




Height: 5'2

Weight: 115 lbs

Blood Type: A

Hobbies: Reading

Alice in wonderland

Her job
People looking down on her
How the people around her seem to die

Waitress, stripper (for extra money)

Thought on Kira
Her veiw on Kira is that he is a criminal. She finds death a dark and evil thing and murder even worse, perhaps the shadows of her past.

Page was born and her birth was instantly an omen of bad luck. Her mother died during the birthing process and as a result, her father hated her. Deciding it was her fault that he no longer had his soulmate, he began getting viciously drunk and would abuse Page in anyways possible. Anytime she'd object, he'd just hit her harder.

Meanwhile, her older brother, Zetsu Mie, watched from a distance with disgust. The boy was in dismay and felt helpless as he watched his little sister be tore apart and broken down, so he devised a plan. Zetsu plotted that following year (Page was 11) to kill their father. Taking an alleged vacation, Zetsu was away the same day his father was on a camping trip. The man never returned. Page was terrified as she was alone, then relieved to see her brother. That whole year Zetsu had to cover his prints.

Zetsu then took his sister to a hypnotherapist where he made up her name and her past so she wouldn't feel so afraid as she grew older. Though the memories were gone, Page still seemed to be a bit finicky. Zetsu then posed his own death and disappeared to the americas, leaving Page all alone.

Page didn't know what had happened, just that her brother was dead and weekly visits her family's graves. In her spare time she reads. She has a small library in her house that contains a book on almost everything.

One day Page stumbled into the SPK warehouse, where she was then interrogated and soon released after given a job as an 'outsider'. She's not allowed to talk about her job at all, and is fairly good at keeping quiet of it.

Her veiw on Kira is that he is a criminal. She finds death a dark and evil thing and murder even worse, perhaps the shadows of her past.
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Page *p* done
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