Case Recalled
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Case Recalled

It's been years since the death of Light, the original Kira. The investigation was burned along with all other information to do with the murders. However, the amusement is never over, as another death note plummets to the human world.
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 Reliving the past (Invite/Private only)

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PostSubject: Reliving the past (Invite/Private only)   Sat Oct 16, 2010 5:01 pm

Zetsu stood infront of a tombstone. Hands shoved into his pant pockets while he carefully watched the wind ruffle the leaves. Sighing he crouched down slightly running his fingers over his mother's name smirking to himself,"Well mom..You would have a blasted fun time yelling at me"he smirked watching the moon shine over the graveyard. Glanceing over at his father grave he scowled at it,"Well Old man having a fun time in hell nye?"he grinned shifting while he sat down infront of their graves feeling the rain start it's onslaught on to the ground below him,"Hm...Well dad eathier your trying to kill me or mom's crying.Hm.."he pondered to himself watching the rain splatter on the tombstones."Don't worry mom..i'm watching over your baby girl..Even though it's getting harder and harder every year.."
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Reliving the past (Invite/Private only)
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