Case Recalled
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Case Recalled

It's been years since the death of Light, the original Kira. The investigation was burned along with all other information to do with the murders. However, the amusement is never over, as another death note plummets to the human world.
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 Sable Wolfe

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PostSubject: Sable Wolfe   Sat Oct 16, 2010 6:44 pm

Name: Sable Aeron Wolfe
Codename: Sapphire
Gender Female
Race Human
Age 21
Thought on Kira Let him have his fun
Born one year after the death of her grandfather, Artemis didn't get much attention. Her parents mainly set their focus on her older brother and rejected her existence slightly. The fact that she was sickly the first years of her life did not help. She was incredibly young when her parents died and instead of being under her brother's watchful eye, she was placed under the care of the Wolfe family uncle. Though she was of noble birth, very few knew of Sable's existence and even her brother tended to deny she was real.

The Wolfe family was one of the few noble lines and next to her brother, they were the only two left. The next chunk of her life was spent treated like a princess and learning the roles a woman should have in the household. For a long time she went without a blade and her teachers mainly focused on the arts of nobility, meaning she spent her days with a book in hand.

At the age of nineteen, she began to smoke and drink some. It seemed very un noble-like, but moving away from her homelamd of Romania, she didn't care anymore. Essentially her existence was futile and erased. Her family never even thinking of contacting her. Not long after, she came in contact with the mafia and made a sort of Mob of her own. She uses a voice manipulator and computer to hide her identity, so few really know she's the Lone Wolf.
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PostSubject: Re: Sable Wolfe   Sat Oct 16, 2010 6:51 pm

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Sable Wolfe
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