Case Recalled
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Case Recalled

It's been years since the death of Light, the original Kira. The investigation was burned along with all other information to do with the murders. However, the amusement is never over, as another death note plummets to the human world.
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 Fruitifully waiting the momment of action.

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PostSubject: Fruitifully waiting the momment of action.   Sun Oct 17, 2010 9:16 am

Ace sighed floating in mid air as eyes scanned the area. Black bat wings batted idly in the air as long legs curled up slightly as body was lowered down onto a crate. Watching people walk by he dropped a notebook near the entrance of the alley way. Red eyes gleamnig with amusment as he tilted his skull slightly. More human then shinigami ace chuckled loudly tilting his head back as he carefully watched humans stroll past. Casting his gaze up he watched the rain start to pour before he drifted up into the air slowly. Leaning against the top of a building he kept his gaze on the book,"Hm..Now when is a human going to notice the book..Hmpf,humans they honestly need a better judgement if their just walking past."he said shaking his head while he started to watch a few birds fly past him and into the darking town,"Tch,this is going to be a while"
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Fruitifully waiting the momment of action.
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