Case Recalled
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Case Recalled

It's been years since the death of Light, the original Kira. The investigation was burned along with all other information to do with the murders. However, the amusement is never over, as another death note plummets to the human world.
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 The Art of Eight Limbs

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Sam Davis

Sam Davis

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PostSubject: The Art of Eight Limbs   Sun Oct 17, 2010 1:13 pm

Sam wasn't sure why he'd come to the beach instead of going home after the incident with Wolfe and her men. He hadn't even gone back to work as he'd originally planned. He wanted to make his boss sweat a little bit so that when he did go back he could make the story of his capture and ultimate escape more exciting. That'd show his boss not to send him to the goddamn mall! He sighed and sat in the sand. He'd never seen the beach so empty, but it was. He was the only one there. He started to wonder if it was a private beach or if it was scheduled to explode or something, but he didn't really care. He liked the solitude.
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The Art of Eight Limbs
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